Our Team

Thomas Wright, Founder And Managing Director

Thomas has had a distinguished career in the technology industry, having first entered the sector as a trainee IT manager for Marks and Spencer.

Since then, his consulting career has seen him work with some of the UK’s biggest consumer brands such as Tesco, Dixons, John Lewis Partnership, De Vere, National Express, Debenhams, and Travelodge helping them deliver strategic and tactical IT projects and programmes.

TW24 was founded after Thomas identified flaws in the existing IT consulting models of either going out to market for individual contractors (risky), or using the very expensive traditional consulting route.

Thomas can be found consulting for clients more or less full-time, and is the interim Programme Development and Testing Manager at Travelodge Hotels, supported by a team mixed of Travelodge professionals and TW24 consultants.

Rajesh Vijayakumar, Head Of Consultancy

Rajesh started his IT career after being awarded a Bachelor of Engineering Degree at the University Of Madras, in Chennai, India.

With a wealth of experience in the Testing and Quality Assurance Industry, he has worked with some of the biggest global IT delivery organisations.

In 2011 Rajesh re-located to the UK to join TW24 as a managing consultant, assigned to Travelodge as the e-commerce test manager. 

Using TW24’s unique testing delivery model, Rajesh has consistently driven improved quality through the development lifecycle, consistent planning and estimation, and reduced time to market. 

As Head of Consultancy, Rajesh is responsible for making sure just the right blend of people and technology are mobilised for existing and new clients, and ensures availability of highly-skilled consultants for projects on demand.

William Brown, Lead Architect

William began his career as a Published Digital Musician and Games Hardware Technician in Canada.

William has a life long passion for systems design and development. William brings this passion into his working life and has contributed to many collaborative programming and creative projects on both sides of the Atlantic.

One of William's biggest successes to date includes developing a bespoke peer to peer messaging engine. As there is no single point of failure in this messaging engine, it is highly reliable for production application and hardware monitoring.

Based in TW24’s office in Sittingbourne, William is the Lead Architect of TW24’s Ratecloud Competitor Intelligence engine and cloud hosting platform.

Somesh Bagdia, Head Of Global Delivery

Somesh is the Head of Global Delivery within TW24, his own interpretation of this is that his role is to deliver the products and services offered by TW24 at the highest and most efficient level possible.

Somesh has been working in a Technology field now for 3 and a half years, this comes after having completed his Bachelors in technology from the College of Engineering, Pune in Computers and then going further and getting a Master of Science in Computer Science from the State University of New York.

Somesh spent an extended period in Silicon Valley, California where he had an accomplished career before joining our team at TW24.